Silt Fence

Rivers and the sea – environment – we’ve been close to familiar in recent years, is being destroyed.
Silt fence (Pollution prevention film, silt protector) to prevent pollution in coastal construction and river works. This will help to protect the natural environment.
HAKUSHO Co.,Ltd. is providing a stockyard around, we are thorough maintenance. In addition, we will promptly prepared and submitted written preliminary survey and investigation, We have been poised all possible in the design of special specifications.


Dam Fence

Dam fence blocks the driftwood or dust influx, such as rivers and dams. In addition, we protect the facility intake facilities, power generation facilities, and drainage facilities.
By and around the front of the intake facility, established to dustproof floating dock, you can improve the effectiveness of preventing secondary dust.
In addition, you can also improve the efficiency of the operation dustproof by related facilities.
The dam, which is also used as a water park in recent years, water has the effect of beautification, but also to improve the natural environment beautification.In terms of environmental beautification, some products(patent pending) designed by our own in particular.
As our related products, pollution prevention film to prevent the diffusion of water pollution, beach fence to prevent the intrusion of dust-jellyfish at beaches, there is a oil fence to prevent the spread of oil and floating.


Beach Fence / Shark Fence

In recent years, the beautification of the bathing beaches(especially private beaches) have become an important issue.
Beach Fence is the product that cutting off jellyfish and dust influx from the outer beach to beautify the beach, it can be used at the boundary of the swimming area. It is ideal for dust proof and removal.
You can also enhance it by using the related facilities, such as a floating docks for mooring boats.
Associated with environmental beautification, we have product of own designed float(Patent pending).


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