Silt Fence

Silt Fence

Rivers and the sea – environment – we’ve been close to familiar in recent years, is being destroyed.
Silt fence (Pollution prevention film, silt protector) to prevent pollution in coastal construction and river works. This will help to protect the natural environment.
HAKUSHO Co.,Ltd. is providing a stockyard around, we are thorough maintenance. In addition, we will promptly prepared and submitted written preliminary survey and investigation, We have been poised all possible in the design of special specifications.

Silt fence is used in construction, such as the following.

1. Dredging, repair and improvement of rivers
2. New construction and rehabilitation of the road
3. Reclamation of land adjacent to rivers and seas
4. Construction of coastal and harbor
5. Dredging and reclamation of the sea
6. Other construction pollution occurs

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SILT FENCE (silt fences) to prevent the spread of contamination that occurs in civil engineering work in road, dam, rivers and oceans.
Particulate pollution is retained by the curtain, natural sedimentation of the particles will be promoted, contamination is not spreading.

Types and Characteristics

Fixed Type Droop FH Type general Type
Freestanding FG Type Since the special specification,
it needs a separate design.
Middle float FT Type
Water-passing FR Type
Frame FW Type
Up-and-Down Type Droop FF Type

Types and Selection

Appellation Float diameter
Float format Curtain strength
Use conditions
FH-600 600 Consecutive 300-800 Waters outside the breakwater, which was shielded by natural waters (wave height: Less than 1.5m, flow rate: less than 0.5m/s)
FH-400 400 Consecutive 300-500 Wide waters inside the breakwater, or waters which was shielded by the natural terrain in the back bay (wave height: Less than 1.0m, flow rate: less than 0.2m/s)
FH-300 300 Consecutive 300-500 Waters with a moderate spread inside the breakwater (wave height: Less than 0.8m, flow rate: less than 0.1m/s)
FH-300T 300 Single 300 Lakes, or like lakes, a quiet, well waters, which was shielded (wave height: Less than 0.5m, flow rate: less than 0.05m/s)



FH-600 (Coutinuous float)

Float diameter: φ600
Tension strength: More than 20t
Wait Chain: 10kg/m


FH-400 (Coutinuous float)

Float diameter: φ400
Tension strength: More than 10t
Wait Chain: 5kg/m


FH-300 (Coutinuous float)

Float diameter : φ300
Tension strength : More than 5t
Wait Chain : 5kg/m

FH-300T (Single float)

Float diameter : φ300
Tension strength : More than 5t
Wait Chain : 3kg/m


1. Loading
Silt fence is carried in a state of almost complete span one or a few.
Therefore, after the loading dock work is greatly reduced.

2. Unloading
When unloading, It will be in a location that can be easily carrying, loading, assembly. It is also an ideal location close to the installation site.

3. Acceptance inspection
After unloading, temporarily arranged in a way that conforms with specifications, confirm match with design value, etc for the acceptance of the final stage.

4. Assembly
After unloading, We conducted formal arrangement in line with the specification and verification of the design value, etc., the acceptance of the final stage.

5. Laying
Pull out to sea by one span lifted by wrecker.
Attach the buoy buffer and anchor rope.
We will complete the laying to open the curtain.

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