Dam Fence

Dam Fence

Dam fence blocks the driftwood or dust influx, such as rivers and dams. In addition, we protect the facility intake facilities, power generation facilities, and drainage facilities.
By and around the front of the intake facility, established to dustproof floating dock, you can improve the effectiveness of preventing secondary dust.
In addition, you can also improve the efficiency of the operation dustproof by related facilities.
The dam, which is also used as a water park in recent years, water has the effect of beautification, but also to improve the natural environment beautification.In terms of environmental beautification, some products(patent pending) designed by our own in particular.
As our related products, pollution prevention film to prevent the diffusion of water pollution, beach fence to prevent the intrusion of dust-jellyfish at beaches, there is a oil fence to prevent the spread of oil and floating.

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  1. To prevent the inflow of waste, driftwood, etc.
  2. Is effective in improving the natural environment beautification.


Dam fence is composed of four elements, prevention net, It’s float(to make it floating on the water), Stretched rope to ensure the strength of the entire consolidated net and float, and anchor fixed to the body.

Float dimension: 600㎜
material: Expanded polystyrene
cover material: FRP 
Stretched rope dimension: 20-40㎜
material: Polyester(rope)
Net dimension: (mesh size)50-100mm
material: Polyethylene 400D
Anchor Dimensions and material of the anchor is determined by the design calculation

Structural drawing

Dam fence structural drawing

Ship gate structural drawing

Construction situation

Dam fence(Nagasaki)

Ship gate

Beach fence

Design float

Slide fence

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